miércoles, junio 27, 2007

10 recomendaciones de seguridad en vmware ESX

Creo que el titulo lo dice todo y efectivamente son las 10 recomendaciones mas precisas y a la vez útiles que, hasta ahora he leído.

1. Use Firewall and Antivirus software for COS. Just as in any other operating system, this provides basic protection
2. Use VLANs to segment the physical network so only machines that are required to see each other are able to do so
3. When installing ESX, use security=high
4. Do not allow root level access over SSH and use secure commands
5. Disable all unnecessary services in console OS
6. Use VirtualCenter to help you manage granular security access
7. Stay current with ESX patches
8. Harden Guest Operating Systems
9. Control User Level Access using VirtualCenter
10. Document and monitor configuration changes in your environment, especially changes in security settings.

El articulo entero lo tenéis aquí.

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